MLS IDX/RETS API website PHP programming ,design and SEO

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Order only after you see the sample!!!

Are you an agent of a broker who wants to build a website with the  RETS feed you have access to?You could first ask us to show a free sample listing in PDF format using your feed before ordering.Just have to  send all the required credentials that confirms that you are authorized .

We have lots of experience in developing websites based on IDX/RETS Feeds using PHP and MYSQL.We could develop for any popular PHP CMSs(joomla,wordpress etc) or frameworks(Zend,Cake PHP etc).And yes,we could develop a real estate site based on RETS feed of your MLS in just 7 days !!!.Feel free to contact us for a quote if you are a real estate agent or broker.If are looking to hire a RETS programmer or MLS programmer to build your MLS site using PHP and MYSQL based on IDX/RETS feeds ,you have come to the exact place.You could hire RETS programmer from us or can choose our optimized RETS website solutions programmed to develop bespoke RETS sites faster than any one else.

Our Real estate website development services based on MLS listings IDX/RETS are targeted for the following groups

  • Real estate brokers or an agents aiming business through the internet with a custom real estate website
  • Broker or agent who already owns a real estate web site but lacks display of properties from your MLS
  • Broker or agent trying to port your real estate web site database from IDX to RETS API
  • Broker or agent who already have a full fledged realestate website with MLS listings,but want to enhance the look and feel or to improve search engine rankings.
  • Real estate website development company who are in the bussiness of developing real estate websites looking for an outsourcing partner
  • Real estate website development company looking to hire a programmer for MLS website devlopment with IDX/RETS API

Multiple Listing Service (MLS, also Multiple Listing System or Multiple Listings Service) is a suite of services that enables brokers to establish contractual offers of compensation (among brokers), facilitates cooperation with other broker participants, accumulates and disseminates information to enable appraisals, and is a facility for the orderly correlation and dissemination of listing information to better serve broker's clients, customers and the public.

RETS is an acronym which stands for Real Estate transaction Standard

RETS was created to overcome the difficulties presented by the existence of a large number of organizations desiring to share and distribute real estate information with others. RETS addressed this need by providing a common standard for the exchange of real estate data. Many MLS data exchange service providers use the RETS protocol.

The Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) facilitates data transfer between partners in the real estate industry. Creating and improving RETS is a collaborative effort to simplify moving real estate information from system to system and simplify solution development efforts. As RETS usage matures and expands, MLS with geographic overlaps can create data-sharing policies that provide their members a single point of entry to search multiple MLS data sets.