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Web design is the structure of your website which shows the information regarding your business.A good design is a powerful weapon which will be the strength of your website.A good webdesign is not only informative but it has to be appealing to a layman.

If you want to build a new website or if you want to redesign your existing website , we are here to help you.Outsource Online has a team of web designers who are well versed in their job. We deliver you , your dream website with the best design which merges technology and creativity.
The basic aspects of web design are


Any meaningful information related to a website is a content.Contents can be texts, forms, images(jpeg,psd,png etc.) or videos.There are 2 types of web pages : Static Content Pages and Dynamic Content Pages.

Static Content Pages : In a Static Content Page, the content or the layout remains unchanged unless it is changed manually.A simple html page is an example of static page.
Dynamic Content Pages : In the Dynamic Content Page,the content changes depending on different aspects.It can be the end user interactions,changes in the computing environment etc.The contents changes with the time (eg. a news content web page), the user (eg. depending on a login session), the user interaction (eg.a game web page)  or any combination of these conditions.


The website should be userfriendly ie, it should be easily navigatable from one page to another.The website should be reliable also.


The appearance of the site should be appealing with contents that are displayed well planned and well structured.


A website should be build only after thorough study about what the website is for , nature of the website ,the contents that are used etc.Only then a website is said to be well structured.


You can provide us the design for your website .(The design is accepted in any format ie,jpeg,psd,png etc.) Or our designers are ready to help you to convert your design ideas to reality.Please Contact Us for more details