Website Maintenance

Website Updation/Upgradation/Maintenance Services


You have website that is well built.Do you think your website doesnt need any change ?Or when do you think your website needs maintenance?


The answer is you should do maintenance to your website periodically to keep them up to date.Website maintenance include adding ,deleting and editing contents in a page, adding or removing  pages etc.You need to remove outdated contents and add fresh and relevant contents to keep the website up to date.The contents should be search engine friendly too.If you want to add any Update information regarding your business ,for example,announcing some new schemes,projects , company news updates  etc also comes under website maintenance.


Adding fresh pages,contents etc keeps your website right into the path.Also you need to keep your site competent with other competitor sites.So you need to keep track of the competitor sites and see how they have kept things in their website.Try to bring some changes better than the competitor sites.


The frequency of website maintenaence done to each website depends on the nature of the website and the business that is run.Some websites require daily updates.Some require only periodical updates like weekly updates,monthly updates etc.Outsource Online undertakes any kind of web maintenance works,ie,Application Maintenance,Server Administration,Technical Support Contract and Web Marketing Contract.