Website Marketing

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Website Marketing otherwise known as Internet Marketing is the way of marketing over the internet.You can market anything like your products , services etc.Internet marketing , one of the cost effective way of marketing includes Email Marketing,Social Media Marketing etc.

There are many ways of internet marketing:


In simple words, SEO means the process of improving the rank of your website in serach engine results.That means by search engine optimization your website is more visible in searches.The more your website is visible, more you get traffic / visitors.Optimizing a website  involves  adding deleting or editing its content (texts and images) ,html   to  increase the relevance to certain  keywords.


SEM otherwise Search Engine Marketing is another method of internet marketing which apparently include SEO , paid inclusions , paid placement(Pay Per Click) and contextual advertising.


SMM, otherwise Social Media Marketing is platform for business marketing through internet.Those who has access to internet can avail the benefits of internet marketing.



An article is a descriptive and informative document  about anything.




Blogs are the reflections of one's personel thoughts that can be something private ,  related to day to day public issues or anything the blogger wants to talk about.Blogging is not just your thoughts published on internet,but it has gained much impact in internet marketing too.

Press Releases

Press release is the official announcements that is released to the media ( internet , television, newspapers, radio).Press releases can be anything like awards,new products launch,personnel promotions,upcoming events etc.

Promotional softwares

Ever evolving cyber world is expanding its options to reach targeted audience.LAtest being promotional softwares like videos facebook apps etc